Thank you for taking the time to look at my website.  My name is Travis Aho, originally from Sullivan NH, but now reside in Tavares FL.  My career as a firefighter has taken me all over the US and landed me permanently in Florida 10 years ago, where I currently work as a law enforcement officer for the US department of Agriculture in the Ocala National Forest.

I have been living with a Leukemia diagnosis since New Years Eve and everyday has its challenges.  In the pages to follow I am telling a brief story of my life and how everything can change in a heartbeat. 

My friends and family are helping to coordinate some  fundraising events that will help relieve some of the financial burden that has come along with my cancer treatments.  Please keep the dates in mind if you could come out to support in anyway I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you to everyone that has kept me in your thoughts and prayers over the past six months. I have many more months to still overcome so please keep the prayers coming!  I can see my future and I know my life will return to what I knew as normal and can't wait to see what is in store for me.